In-Town Soccer

Where do we meet? / Where are our games?

The In-Town fields are located next to the Rec Center Building behind the parking lot. Unless otherwise specified all of our In-Town games are held their and that is where you will meet for all activities.  The name of the fields are Foisy fields

You can use this address 64 Powder Mill Rd. Southwick, MA 01077 for GPS settings.


What age group will my son/daughter be playing in?

4 9/1/2011 31-Aug-12
5 9/1/2010 31-Aug-11
6 9/1/2009 31-Aug-10
7/8   9/1/2007   31-Aug-09
9/10   9/1/2005   31-Aug-07
11+ Coed 9/1/2001 31-Aug-05


What equipment does my son/daughter need to play?

All children should come in athletic attire.  These should be clothes that they are comfortable running around and playing in.  Soccer tends to go from warm to cold weather so please make sure they are dressed according to the weather.  We are flexible in town so they can wear gloves, hats, coats, etc.. whatever is needed for them to be comfortable.

Shin guards are mandatory for all children.  This is for safety reasons.  Please make sure your children show up with shin guards on.

Cleats are optional but strongly recommended.  They should be soccer cleats, which gives the kids extra traction to avoid injuries on wet grass.