Fall In-Town Soccer – Sept 10th – Evaluation Day for All Ages!

Saturday, September 10th is our first day of Fall In-Town Soccer. This first day will be an evaluation day. This is not a try out, everyone makes the program! This is a chance for us to see all the kids play so that we can divide up the teams fairly and make sure everyone is playing with the correct age groups.

This will be a short day, as each session will be between 30-45 minutes (normally it is closer to an hour). We ask that everyone be on time and ready to play so we can move through all the sessions smoothly.

Everyone must be paid up by September 10th! If you haven’t paid yet, please go onto the website and complete your registration by paying. If you are working with our finance department to pay, please continue doing what you have already started. If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at msposato@gmail.com and I am happy to point you in the right direction.

4 year olds – coed 8am
5 year olds – coed 9am
6 year olds – coed 10am

7/8 year old girls 11am
7/8 year old boys 11am
9/10 year old girls 1pm
9/10 year old boys 1pm

11+ year old coed 2pm

Thank you.